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Masjid Al-Islam In Dallas

List Of Mosques In Dallas-Masjid Al-Islam In Dallas,HISTORY: 1950’s – Muslims, members of the Nation of Islam either migrate or are sent to Texas by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad to spread Islam gradually through the 60s and into the 70s. At least 3 Nation of Islam Temple #48s are started and finally one takes root on Flora Ave. in downtown Dallas. The community grows on the backs of the Muslim pioneers’ hard and continuous work for “Freedom, Justice and Equality”. Pioneers with at least 30 years of service began to attract citizens “in all walks of life” through radio advertisements and the Muhammad Speaks newspaper. Simple staples such as whiting fish, sardines, eggs, bean pies were sold to generate income for the Headquarters Nation of Islam headquarters in Chicago and local development. 1960s – The turbulence in the general society, war, assassinations, protests, racial unrest and other ails began to fracture a solid Islamic culture. 1970s – Temple #48 is moved to the heart of South Dallas just south of downtown on Forest Ave. Veteran leaders such as Isaiah Karriem, Yusuf Shah and Lee G. Bilal added the efforts to both hold the community together and keep the dawah going. 1975 – The Honorable Elijah Muhammad dies in February and is succeeded by one of his sons, Wallace Deen Muhammad, who leads the young community into orthodox or Sunni Islam. 1975 – The Dallas Masjid of Al-Islam is organized as an independent community while being spiritually fed by the leadership of Imam W.D. Muhammad. This became the oldest masjid in Dallas county. 1977 – First combined Eid al-Fitr with international Muslims on Baghdad St. in a backyard in Grand Prairie, TX. 1978 – One of his first major influences on the Dallas Masjid of Al-Islam was to organize and perform the first march on Main St. in downtown Dallas protesting the use of human images in the worship of The Creator. They were called C.R.A.I.D. (Committee to Remove All Images of the Divine) marches. 1979 – Allah rewarded the community with a new home, 2604 S. Harwood St., the current site of Masjid Al-Islam – Dallas, TX, Inc. 1982 – The Sister Clara Muhammad School opens and operates until 1992. 1986 – Dallas Masjid hosts the first Community Family Conference ushers in the annual National Islamic Conventions. 1987 – Resumption of Interfaith Dialogue with area churches and world renowned Thanksgiving Square Foundation, Center for World Thanksgiving. 1988 – The Masjid hosted an Afghan Mujahidin at Jumah Prayer. 1989 – A.A.M.A.N. (African-American Men Against Narcotics) began foot patrols of drug infested areas of South Dallas and Oak Cliff. 1992 – Dallas Masjid of Al-Islam hosts the first venue of the Kindness Week, Dallas Acts Kind, which included attendance by Muhammad Ali, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, III. Ex-Offenders Support Group begins the program “Feeding Our Neighbors – Putting ‘Neighbor’ Back in the ‘Hood’” to help feed the wayfarers and the needy. 2000 – The Masjid organized a conference entitled Future Global Trends 2000 at the Renaissance Hotel. 2004 – Dallas Masjid of Al-Islam becomes Masjid Al-Islam – Dallas, TX, Inc. 2006 – The Masjid’s Imam pitches the idea of an Islamic Charity Day give away to the wayfarer and the needy at the masjid and is generously supported by almost all masajid in DFW. 2007 – Islamic Charity Day become Humanitarian Day. 2008 – Day of dignity added Masjid’s charity efforts. Masjid al-Islam hosts a delegation of 4 Malian scholars. 2015 – The Beacon of Light Community Center, a program of the masjid, opens to help our neighbors in need. 2016 – Masjid Al-Islam – Dallas, TX is the co-recipient of the Dallas Peace Center Award for efforts to alleviate hunger and help the homeless population.
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